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As we all continue to cope with COVID-19 in our community and with our families, the Neighborhood Cooperative Ministries (NCM) has faced unprecedented increases in services to an ever expanding number of our client families:

  • 526% increase in families served
  • 710% increase in food provided

Operation Save a FamilyWe are truly grateful to our staff and volunteers who have worked very hard over these weeks and months to care for our client families who have fallen ill with the virus, lost their jobs, lost loved ones, and struggled daily to make ends meet, and we are indebted to you for your support.

You are our lifeline. Your prayers and financial support have bolstered our spirits. You've kept us moving forward on days when we ourselves struggled. You've dropped y the Co-op to deliver food or a check... you've volunteered to help when the numbers were overwhelming... and that means a lot to each of us as well as the hundreds of families we serve. Thank you.

Now we face a new dilemma. Some of our client families, who struggle even in 'good times' to pay most their bills, are about to lose their homes. During the pandemic, the Cares Act has prevented landlords from evicting families from their apartments when they couldn't pay their monthly rent in full. That moratorium on evictions is about to end and these families will soon lose their homes unless we help.

NCM has established Operation Save a Family to work with 40 of our client families to help them month to month get their rent caught up so that they can keep their homes. Our staff and volunteers will do the 'heavy lifting' working with those of our client families who have done their very best to pay as much as they can afford despite all of the setbacks they have endured during these trying times. Many just need a little help to get their families back on a positive track.

We need your financial support to make Operation Save A Family a success. Please prayerfully consider helping our families through this immediate crisis. The next six months are critical for these families in our community. Now is the time to step up and make a difference. Thanks again for your support of the Neighborhood Cooperative Ministries, and thanks for your help in Operation Save A Family. Together, we will continue to help those who need it most!

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